Indoor Flying Safety Rules and Policy

For Use at Prescott Public High School Gym

(November 2013) 


1. All pilots must show current AMA open membership and abide by AMA rules.

2. Entry to the gym shall be through the South-West door. All others doors are to remain locked.

3. All pilots and visitors are to wear eye protection.

4. Anyone setting foot on the gym floor is to wear non-marking shoes.

5. The near side of the basketball court is marked by a wide blue line. There shall be no intentional flight behind that line. Flying shall occur anywhere in front of that line including a projection of that line to the wall.

6. Pilots shall stand close to but behind the flight line.

7. Foot traffic shall pass behind pilots. Non-flying guests are encouraged to remain on the mezzanine (upper) level.

8. When walking out into the flying area one must announce themselves and keep an eye on air traffic.

9. Try to limit the number of aircraft in the air to no more than (5).

10. Only 2.4GHz or infrared control systems will be permitted. There will be no frequency control board, no transmitter impound, and no frequency control pins.

11. Models shall use only clean power systems; such as electric, CO2, rubber. No gas or glow powered models.


It is recommended that only slow-flyers be flown at the gym. Max at Valley Hobby, can make recommendations. Faster airplanes and larger 3-D airplanes may be acceptable for expert pilots and should be flown at a separate time to avoid mid-air collisions.


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